Maryem Tollar - Omneya Wish

Song written by Maryem Tollar

Performed by Mernie: Maryem Hassan Tollar, Ernie Tollar, Levon Ichkhanian, Rich Brown, Debashis Sinha, Rick Shadrach Lazar, Daniel Barnes, Jayne Brown, Sophia Grigoriadis, Yvette Tollar
From the album: Mernie - Flowers of Forgiveness

Video Credits:
A Cedar Avenue Production
Produced in Association with Bravo!FAC, a foundation to assist Canadian talent
Supported by Bravo!, NewStyleArtsChannel, a division of CHUM Limited
Written and DIrected by Valerie Buhagiar
Producer: Jordana Aarons
Director of Photography: Rudolf Blahacek
Editor: Boyd Bonitzke
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